Italian standard course
20 lessons per week in groups of 6 students max
4 hours of class per day (each lesson of 45 minutes duration) from Monday to Friday.
Ideal for those who wish to learn the Italian language, while also having time to discover the Mediterranean lifestyle and visit the surrounding area.

Italian intensive course
30 lessons per week - 20 hours of group classes and 10 hours of one-to-one tuition
4 hours of class per day (each lesson of 45 minutes duration) from Monday to Friday in groups of 8 students max. + 2 hours of one-to-one tuition per day.
An ideal course for those who are particularly keen to improve their linguistic competence and optimise the time devoted to learning.

Italian one-to-one intensive course
A minimum of 10 hours of class per week (each lesson of 45 minutes duration)
Flexible Italian lessons structured around the individual requirements of the student.


Here you will find a description of the linguistic levels we guarantee for each course.
If there are not at least two people of the same linguistic level, the four hours of group lessons are replaced by two hours of one-to-one tuition.

Level 1
Students learn day-to-day language and expressions necessary for practical needs, such as introducing oneself, describing people and places, doing the shopping or maybe purchasing items in a clothes shop. While linguistic competence at this level remains limited, the student already feels he can get by in typical tourist situations in Italy.

Level 2
The second level deals with specific situations, and expressing likes and dislikes, preferences and wishes. Also at this level, the past tense is used to communicate in contexts requiring an exchange of information relating to familiar and everyday matters. The student can talk at some length about food, hobbies, holidays.

Level 3
At this level students already have a linguistic competence that enables them to move around independently in Italy, and they can discuss matters of current interest. They are able to understand, in a broad sense, the content of a newspaper article; and can produce simple written texts relating to matters of interest to them.

Level 4
At this level students are able to communicate fluently and discuss news and current affairs in a correct manner. They understand, and are quite at ease with, newspaper articles and television news. They are also able to produce written texts and handle literary texts in contemporary Italian.


Italian for business
For those who need Italian in a work context: how to write a CV or a job application, present a project or a product.

Italian for tourism
For those working in the hotel/tourism field: business correspondence, reception.

Italian for fashion
An introduction to the specific Italian terminology of fashion.

Legal Italian
The language of Italian law.


Would you like to surprise your friends with an authentic Italian dinner? Then come to one of our cookery evenings! Amidst a festive atmosphere at the home of one of the teachers, you will learn how to make a complete menu with typical regional recipes. There’s no need to be a cook; you just need to pay a little attention and the result will amaze you.
Here is an example of what we might prepare and eat together:
Antipasti (appetisers): lemons with tuna mousse, stuffed vegetables, bruschette, crostini with olive paste…
First courses: handmade pasta, such as ravioli or lasagne. Trenette (typical Ligurian pasta) al pesto, gnocchi alla bava…
Second courses: rabbit with olives, meat in pizzaiola sauce, involtini or - for vegetarians - torta verde and farinata.
Dessert: cantuccini, tiramisù, semifreddo all’amaretto.


Start dates for group courses in 2018:
Each Monday from January 7. to December 29.

  1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Standard course
(20 hours of class in a group)
Euro 250,00 Euro 500,00 Euro 750,00 Euro 1000,00
Intensive course
(20 hours of class in a group + 10 hours of one-to-one tuition)
Euro 420,00 Euro 840,00 Euro 1260,00 Euro 1680,00
One-to-one lessons Euro 28,00 each 45 minutes

Special courses 2018

Italian for business
(standard course+ 10 individual lessons for BUSINESS items)
Euro 420,00
Italian for tourism
(standard course+ 10 individual lessons for TOURISMUS items)
Euro 420,00
Italian for fashion
(standard course + 10 individual lessons for FASHION items)
Euro 420,00
Legal Italian
(standard course+ 10 individual lessons for LEGAL items)
Euro 420,00

Cookery course

  Min. number of participants
necessary to run course
of hours
Cookery Evening 3 approx 3 + dinner Euro 45,00

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